In order to get the maximum lifespan from your laminate floor, correct cleaning and maintenance is important. Manufacturer's instructions will vary a little depending on which brand you purchase but there are many similarities. Here are some basic guidelines that are applicable to maintaining laminate flooring.

Protecting Laminate Flooring

A laminate floor is commonly hard to scratch and chip. But that doesn't mean that it is indestructible. To help avoid unwanted chips or scratches on your laminate, follow these great tips:

  • Use wood flooring felt pads everywhere. Although laminate floors are hard to scratch, moving heavy furniture or repeated scratching of a chair can wear or scratch the surface much easier than normal. Using felt pads under all furniture will protect against this.
  • Check your shoes, especially heels. Look out for any sharp or metal bits sticking out, especially common in high heels. This can really scratch your floor.
  • Install mats at entrances. It's a good idea to have on outside mat that will remove stones and dirt. A thinner rubber backed mat inside is great to remove extra moisture.

high heels on wood flooring

Cleaning Laminate Flooring

It is important to clean your laminate flooring correctly as the wrong products or methods can cause problems with any laminate flooring. You see all of our recommended laminate floor cleaners on our website in the accessories section.

  • Never wet mop. Laminate floors don't like water as it can cause them to swell and bubble.
  • For the initial cleaning, use a hover with brush head attachment to remove dust and debris.
  • To fully clean your laminate floor use a mop and approved laminate floor cleaners.
  • Spillages / Leaks must be cleaned up immediately. Unless you have waterproof laminate flooring they can become damaged easily by moisture, If you spill something,  ensure that it is completely dried up to avoid damage.
  • Humidity in the room should be maintained between 40-65%RH. This can be measured using a hygrometer.