Cleaning LVT Click Vinyl Flooring

Maintaining LVT Flooring

LVT flooring, also known as click vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles, have exploded onto the UK and Ireland market in recent years. So much so that they are the fastest growing floor covering in Europe. It is easy to see why. Click vinyl flooring is extremely versatile and great in wet areas such as bathrooms. Best of all, maintaining LVT flooring is easy. In fact, we think that luxury vinyl tiles are one of the easiest floors types to clean and maintain.

As the surface of LVT flooring is printed, there is an endless choice of colours and styles available. At Wood Floor Warehouse, we stock a large range and have something to suit all budgets and tastes.

To ensure that your LVT floor lasts longer than expected while looking great,  it is important to follow a few very basic maintenance tips. Of course, correct installation is very important, so please read our guide on how to lay click vinyl flooring first.

Our tips for cleaning and maintaining LVT flooring :

  • Use felt pads. LVT floors are quite hard to scratch but moving heavy furniture, sharp objects or repeated abrasion can prematurely wear the surface. Using felt paddings under all furniture will protect our flooring from this.
  • Check shoes and pay extra attention to high heels. Look for any sharp or metal parts. This can really damage your click vinyl floor.
  • Install abrasive mats at entrances to remove stones and dirt.
  • Clean regularly using an approved LVT cleaner.
  • Heat should be maintained between 15-28degC to avoid excessive movement.
  • Use and Vinyl maintenance kit (such as the Woca Maintenance Kit for Vinyl Flooring). This will clean and toughen the surface, also helping to hide light scratches.

Wood Flooring maintenance kit by Woca

We have lots more helpful information on all our flooring types including vinyl click flooring in our Wood Floor Blog & FAQ's.