Solid Woods

Solid Woods

What is Solid Wood Flooring?
There are many types of wood floor but solid wood flooring, also known as hardwood is of course the original timber floor. A solid wood floor is just as the name suggest. One piece of solid wood from top to bottom. Often finished with oil or lacquer and with tongue and groove edges.

The manufacturing process is simple. Raw material logs and trunks of the chosen timber are cut down at saw mills worldwide into various lengths, widths and thicknesses. These raw timbers are then transferred to flooring factories where they are graded and further refined by cutting to specified sizes.

They are then sanded and often machined with tongue and grooved ends or beveled edges. The cut timbers are then kiln dried to bring them to a specific moisture level suited to the destination country.

This creates an unfinished solid wood floor suitable for the consumer. Often the floor is prefinished with a lacquer or oil before packing into boxes. At Wood Floor Warehouse all of our solid wood floors come pre-finished.

Dating back, solid timbers such as oak they were used only as structural materials, which were then covered with decorative surfaces such as carpets or stone. Once the beauty of finished timbers were realised it was common to strip back the floor covering to reveal the beautiful timbers below. They would then often be sanded and finished in oils or lacquers. Of course nowadays sub-floors are constructed from floor boards with a decorative wood floor installed on top.

Today, solid wood floors have never been so popular thanks not only to how practical and timeless they are, but a real hardwood floor can be a feature of any room and allow for almost limitless and timeless interior ideas. As with all our products we check every price on online and in store to make sure that we have the best prices locally and online. We bring the very best prices into your local showroom where you can see all our floors and even take one home that day. Naturally, all our timbers are sourced from responsibly managed forests and we only buy from mills that have full sourcing certifications.

If you are looking for choice, our range is simply the biggest in Ireland. When it comes to real solid wood flooring, you are already looking in the right place.

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